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Friday, October 15, 2010

Migrating MDT 2010 from one server to another server

It isn't as hard as it would seem. There may be other approaches to doing this, but I did a plain simple copy and paste on to the new server then edit the configuration files and update the image files and you're off to the horses!

  • Copy the old share from the old server to the new server. ( Located in C:/Deploymentshare) 
  • After it is finished copying, change the copied deployment share folder to be shared out. 
  • Open MDT on the new server then click on Open Deployment Share and point it to the copied deployment share on your C:
  • Right click your deployment share in MDT and click properties change the UNC path to reflect the new deployment share.
  • Change the boot.ini to reflect your new server.
  • Oh, don't forget to update your litetouch image from the deployment server then update WDS!

There you go- that's all folks!


    1. Does this migrate task sequences also?

    2. When I followed the steps, yes it did. Drivers too.

    3. This was beautifully written. Worked like a charm. Much appreciated.